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The normal pressure of chrysler tires

BPW presented an autonomous system of adjustment of tire pressure at the international exhibition of commercial vehicles (IAA).

pressure of tires

The new technology of self-pumping was called AirSave. Considering the potential of different automation systems, the development of BPW may become a bestseller.

Until now, only the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), able to inform the driver about low or excessive tire pressure, were widespread on the market . Informing is good, but what to do next? But not every driver has an opportunity to pump the tire on the road. The further exploitation of vehicle with incorrect tire pressure is unsafe and causes the quick wear and tear of the tread.

The creators of AirSave offer a compact decision against the flat tires or 2004 chrysler pacifica headlight. The device independently defines the problem and automatically injects or extracts the air. The system monitors the state of every separate wheel. In case of break, when the system constantly pumps the tire, the driver receives the message about the need to visit the service station for checking.

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