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LED vs HID Headlight Comparison

Okay we’re going to be doing a little head to head comparison here. With the 2015. LED headlights. And the. 20132014. HIV stock headlights. Are you guys don’t like the output of 2 young lady. But who might comparisons very terrible and actually little bit wider on the wheel so.
LED vs HID Headlight
See what happens here. First up is the 20132014 picture ID. You notice there’s a very large hot spot in the middle of the color line. And that we have is very limited cachexia look like off upside down. See or its bowl shaped. From the design of projectors Led headlights that’s what you get. But the good thing about the ideas you can upgrade them to evil XRS. Right away on my website As many people don So And now the 2015 4 LED headlight.

See the cut off. It’s fairly noticeable. Across the whole spectrum. The wick. With a lot better. And the. Hot spot of the quite a bit more intense than the HD. But. I’m only 20 feet here in my garage. So it probably gets better as you get farther out. Side by side comparison 2015. Meaning into that corner. Cut off his very. Noticeable. And the money 13. 2014 HAT. Shining into this corner. The like uniformly is a lot better in the HAT.
But And taking any step up from halogen is gonna be better than. Hallock self. And because you get PF. LED perimeter lighting and they. LED turn signal as well. The One play harness will be available. You can find in the link below. And thanks for watching.