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2001 – 2007 Ford Mustang review

Ford Mustang 2001A guy’s Joe tiny it’d been Eddie of Kirkland with this good looking 2001 – 2007 Ford Mustang, now being right next door to a Ford, dealership we tend not to keep that many for trades unless they’re exceptionally nice and of course this one is exceptionally. Nice is beautiful Mustang has a 6 cylinder engine that puts out not only 210 horsepower but enjoys a fantastic 28 miles per gallon on the freeway making it one of the most. In article sports bars. On the road. So it has Here’s The old days the so called this the. Alec Right into the grower. One color paint, With the The lower rate. Kind of a throwback we’ll deal work thrust wheel that was all the rage in the seventies, An eighties.

Making a comeback these days as what is old is new again. The Mustang also has that wonderful throwback interior. Aggressive steering classic gauges this has the shaker 500 stereo system so you’re definitely gonna be a rock and roll as you blast down the road nice soft leather still looks very very fresh all power seats heated seats the shifter shifts nice and tight the steering wheel looks fresh and new the letters, all fresh and new interior still looks feel smells fantastic, and then as we walk around the outside. Tail lights led and 2001 Ford Mustang headlights. Everything still looks great beautiful dark graphite grey exterior to go with them black leather interior. Rear wing it cool wheels nice graphics. Not a lot of money. But no abundance of power. And even more style to go with that. This is a fun car you can enjoy this one final on.


LED vs HID Headlight Comparison

Okay we’re going to be doing a little head to head comparison here. With the 2015. LED headlights. And the. 20132014. HIV stock headlights. Are you guys don’t like the output of 2 young lady. But who might comparisons very terrible and actually little bit wider on the wheel so.
LED vs HID Headlight
See what happens here. First up is the 20132014 picture ID. You notice there’s a very large hot spot in the middle of the color line. And that we have is very limited cachexia look like off upside down. See or its bowl shaped. From the design of projectors Led headlights that’s what you get. But the good thing about the ideas you can upgrade them to evil XRS. Right away on my website As many people don So And now the 2015 4 LED headlight.

See the cut off. It’s fairly noticeable. Across the whole spectrum. The wick. With a lot better. And the. Hot spot of the quite a bit more intense than the HD. But. I’m only 20 feet here in my garage. So it probably gets better as you get farther out. Side by side comparison 2015. Meaning into that corner. Cut off his very. Noticeable. And the money 13. 2014 HAT. Shining into this corner. The like uniformly is a lot better in the HAT.
But And taking any step up from halogen is gonna be better than. Hallock self. And because you get PF. LED perimeter lighting and they. LED turn signal as well. The One play harness will be available. You can find in the link below. And thanks for watching.

Driving FAQ

The normal pressure of chrysler tires

BPW presented an autonomous system of adjustment of tire pressure at the international exhibition of commercial vehicles (IAA).

pressure of tires

The new technology of self-pumping was called AirSave. Considering the potential of different automation systems, the development of BPW may become a bestseller.

Until now, only the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), able to inform the driver about low or excessive tire pressure, were widespread on the market . Informing is good, but what to do next? But not every driver has an opportunity to pump the tire on the road. The further exploitation of vehicle with incorrect tire pressure is unsafe and causes the quick wear and tear of the tread.

The creators of AirSave offer a compact decision against the flat tires or 2004 chrysler pacifica headlight. The device independently defines the problem and automatically injects or extracts the air. The system monitors the state of every separate wheel. In case of break, when the system constantly pumps the tire, the driver receives the message about the need to visit the service station for checking.


Autodismantling and their popularity in recent years.

AutodismantlingThanks to autodismantling, drivers can buy different parts of his car while it will be original, but were in use, the details. Do you think are the risks unwarranted? To be honest, there are no such risks here, because all the parts are checked, and often, there are nearly new, because the car was that sorted out, can spend on a trip quite a bit, and banal accident deprives it life. Well, when the car can be repaired, but if not, the owners and given the car for parts in order to get at least something for the broken car. Usually, if the car is not possible to restore, it does not mean that there are no good parts.

It turns out that the owner of the car that is being repaired in order to find the desired item quickly and in time, appeals to the search site of all autodismantling, because only there you can get a good price for excellent quality parts.

So today, all car owners have the option to buy new original parts or buy spare parts b / u in good quality. And taking into account the popularity of autodismantling, it is easy to understand, what exactly will be the choice.

Auto parts

Cadillac auto parts

Cadillac’s car is the dream of car owners as an ideal vehicle. Its presentable, comfortable, super-reliability conquers anyone, and for a long time. Fans of this car brand are quite sure that to change it to another is impossible. However, even such an expensive car in any case periodically requires maintenance and repair.

Cadillac auto parts

Currently, auto parts Cadillac can be purchased in any of the cities and towns of the country. Cadillac parts are in a large assortment of online stores and service centers, and this is the original Cadillac auto spare parts from General Motors, ACDeco, and other manufacturers, which are totally inferior quality to the original, with a different price category. Extended range of auto parts for American model Cadillac makes it possible to ensure that all car owners need.

Driving FAQ

Driving in the fog

Fog is one of the most dangerous weather conditions for driving. The thicker it is, the more difficult it is to control the traffic. Try to be very attentive, as your safety depends not only on you, but also on the other drivers on the road.

Driving in the fog

If the fog is very thick, it is better to wait until it clears. But if you’re late for an important meeting or just in a hurry, you should warn the people waiting for you. You shouldn’t rush and risk your life and the lives of people around you.

In conditions of poor visibility it is very important to follow certain rules:

  1. Firstly, you should turn on the fog lamps or the “passing beams”.
  2. Then reduce the speed, so that you can quickly react in a dangerous situation and brake as fast as possible.
  3. Don’t try to take a shortcut, increase the distance and stick to the right side of the road.
  4. Give the sound signals, and listen to them respectively, so that you can control the nearest cars.
  5. If the road visibility doesn’t exceed 10 m, reduce the speed to 5 km/h.
  6. Before turning or going around, make sure that there is no obstacle.
Selection of auto parts

How to make the selection of auto parts

How to make the selection of auto parts.

Every car owner knows how it is difficult sometimes to make the right choice of spare parts for his car. Today the market represents a mass of parts of various manufacturing companies at different prices. How to make the right choice?

auto partsWe must remember that the market offers genuine, aftermarket, secondhand spare parts. The original parts are manufactured in the same facility as the car. They have certain labeling and packaging. These parts are expensive, but they have significant indicators of reliability and durability, the company-manufacturer is responsible for their quality. Non-original parts are manufactured by other companies. These companies are engaged in the delivery of spare parts of excellent quality, provide a guarantee of their work. With a limited budget you can buy used parts. Especially good are the parts that were not subject to significant loads at work, their technical properties are subject to verification. Their cost will be lower than new parts.


Next, you can contact the dealership. There are the original parts here and each worker of center will advise not to save on your car and install spare parts of manufacturer company. Most services are not taken for the installation of spare parts of unverified quality. If there is not necessary items in the center, for the implementation of the order it will be delivered directly from the warehouse.


Corvette Stingray – secrets of the American supercar

Corvette Stingray – secrets of the American supercar.

The famous Chevrolet Corvette traces its history since 1953, all automobile historians considered it the ancestor of American supercars.

The next generation of Chevrolet Corvette will be equipped with a completely new engine. Despite rumors about the GM refusal from the use of V-shaped eight-cylinder engine, according to new data everything is just the opposite: the supercar will have a V8 engine, but with less cylinder capacity.

Corvette Stingray

Last Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept will also find continuation in the production version. GM designers have used a lot of fresh and interesting solutions in it, ranging from the original location of the optics in the fade of the body and ending with the modern interpretation of a split rear glass icons of car design of the middle of last century Corvette Stingray 1963. Especially that last Stingray 2009 lit in cinematic saga “Transformers,” and there is the chanting of the existing models of Chevrolet – the new Camaro and Spark.